Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023 Preview

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Glen Scotia was delighted to host a ‘Preview of the Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023’ at The Scotsman Picturehouse in Edinburgh last week.
In anticipation of the annual event in the ‘Wee Toon’ later this month, guests sampled some of the finest drams from our award-winning distillery while getting a flavour of this year’s Festival itinerary.

In celebration of The Glen Scotia Whisky Experiment launch on this year’s Festival Edition 2023 pack, guests were guided through a sensorial tasting of the remarkable new liquid with TV presenter and founder of OurWhisky, Becky Paskin, and our master distiller, Iain McAlister. Guests were urged to rip up the rule book and discover new tasting notes while tapping into their senses, as they were transported to the heart of Campbeltown using stunning visuals and audio on the big screen.  

This was followed by a sneak peek at this year’s artist collaboration, the Sound of Glen Scotia.
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With a special distillery-exclusive dram in hand, guests got an exclusive listen to Glen Scotia’s first-ever music single, Copper Heart, which has been produced, using the sounds of the distillery, by whisky expert and former Warner Brothers executive, Neil Ridley, folk singer Jenny Sturgeon, and music producer, Dean Honer.
Festival-goers will be able to fully immersive themselves in this incredible new piece of music through a demonstration taking place in Warehouse 1 this year, where attendees will plug into headphones while enjoying a dram of the last precious drops of a single cask bottling. 

As well as plenty of the world’s finest drams, guests also enjoyed a delicious ‘Glen Scotia Harbour Highball’ made especially by Neil Ridley, which will be demonstrated during the ‘60-second cocktails’ masterclass at the Festival later this month.

Final tickets for the Campbeltown Malts Festival 2023 are available at:

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