Seasonal Release 2022 explores the flavours of Andalusia

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Glen Scotia, has partnered with London’s first dedicated sherry bar, Bar Pepito, to launch its new 12-year-old Seasonal Release (£80, 53.3% ABV), and explore the flavours of Andalusia featured in the dram.

Inspired by a winter’s day in Glen Scotia’s home, Campbeltown, the latest unpeated, cask strength, natural coloured release, available now, has been matured in first-fill bourbon barrels before a final twelve-month finish in Amontillado Sherry casks, which hail from the Montilla region of southern Spain.

Amontillado sherry starts as a Fino sherry before an ageing period of around ten years, which dissipates the ‘flor’, and through wood exposure and oxidation, produces a nutty, dry, and beautifully amber liquid. The result for the Seasonal Release 2022 is a warm, nutty dram with lingering vanilla notes and a mildly dry finish. Subtle maritime nuances on the nose and palate are synonymous with the iconic Campbeltown malt style.

Working alongside Bar Pepito’s owner, Richard Bigg, and its Executive Chef, Nacho del Campo, Glen Scotia has explored the character of sherry and its exquisite flavour profile to craft a list of food accompaniments to enjoy alongside its latest expression.

Bar Pepito is the sister restaurant to Camino, also King’s Cross, which was borne after owner, Richard Bigg, travelled around Spain in his traditional Mini in the summer of 1984. The culture, people, and food & drink made an everlasting impression and a desire to create a piece of España back in the UK.

Chef Nacho del Campo joined Camino in 2008, and they opened Bar Pepito in 2010, after a career spanning 24 years working in Catalunya, Madrid, and Exeter. His passion for gastronomy paired with a love of sherry has accelerated the establishment to become one of the most sought-after authentic Spanish dining experiences in London.

Perfectly marrying Spanish cuisine with the unique new offering from Campbeltown, chef Nacho’s accompaniments include a variety of dishes using the Seasonal Release 2022, and items that can be gathered from any traditional Spanish deli:

  • Whisky-marinated gordal olives – Nacho advises creating an emulsion for the olives using mustard, cumin, orange zest, extra virgin olive oil, and a drop of the Seasonal Release 2022, and leave to marinade.
  • Jamón Ibérico de Bellota – one of Spain’s signature culinary items; a meat cured for around two to four years, giving it a rich nutty flavour and a texture that melts in the mouth. Serve in slices.
  • Cheese selection – to enrich the flavours of the Seasonal Release 2022, Nacho also recommends pairing a dram with well-cured cheeses such as Manchego, Parmesan, or delicious blue cheeses such as Valdeón, Stilton or Roquefort. Smoked cheese also works well.
  • Luxury dark chocolate slices – Nacho suggests dark chocolate (around 64%) as a sweet finish. Small slices, gently melted in the mouth with each sip of the Seasonal Release 2022 dram, to develop and intensify the flavours of this warming winter dram.

Chef Nacho del Campo said: “Spanish cooking is all about quality ingredients, very simply made, but always flavourful and fresh. The Glen Scotia Seasonal Release 2022 has a well-rounded profile that fits perfectly with Spanish cuisine. Whisky can add a real extra dynamic to food, so paired together they work very well.

“These dishes were created to enhance to experience, giving a touch of the Spanish way of life, with a twist from Scotland. Importantly, many can be recreated at home with a visit to one of the many Spanish delis around the country.”

Master Distiller, Iain McAllister and his team are behind the latest release from Scotland’s smallest whisky-making region.

He said: “Our Seasonal Release 2022 is a toast to the tight-knit community of Campbeltown. We can think of no better emblem for that community spirit than our Campbeltown market cross, which appears on the packaging of our latest annual release. It has long been a meeting point for local celebrations, which is what this dram is all about – best enjoyed when paired with good food and exceptional company.

“Our partnership with Bar Pepito and the team has been a fantastic voyage of discovery, exploring the Amontillado flavour which plays such an important role in our latest release. The dishes from Nacho, simple yet authentic, create a new and memorable experience for whisky drinkers to try at home.”

Glen Scotia has been producing single malt whisky in Campbeltown since 1832. The small town on the Kintyre peninsula on the west coast is one of the officially recognised and protected whisky regions of Scotland. Once home to over thirty whisky producers, and with a distillery on every corner, it was known as "the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World". Only a few distilleries endured to the present day, and Glen Scotia stands proudly among the last of the many.

In 2021, Glen Scotia’s 25-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch whisky was awarded ‘Best In Show Whisky’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Later that year, Glen Scotia was named Scottish Whisky Distillery of the Year at the Scottish Whisky Awards. It is the first time a whisky distillery has received both accolades.

In 2022, Glen Scotia’s Victoriana won Best In Class in the Distillers’ Single Malt Scotch – No Age Statement category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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