The Glen Scotia Dunnage Tasting

Our favourite moment of the year has finally arrived –our Malts Festival. A celebration of all things whisky, Glen Scotia and our home in Campbeltown.

While we can’t welcome you to the ‘Wee Toon’ in person this year, we’re delighted to once again bring our much anticipated private dunnage tasting to your homes, along with a variety of other ways to get involved and celebrate from afar.

If you haven't picked up a Dunnage Tasting Pack yet, then there's still time, just click the link below to purchase yours now!


Inside the lid of your Dunnage Tasting Pack (available to purchase here) is a password you’ll need to join the tasting. Our Distillery Manager & Master Distiller, Iain has personally selected 5 drams from our dunnage warehouse, each one offers a window into Glen Scotia’s whisky making history and Campbeltown’s Victorian whisky heyday.

Glen Scotia Double Cask - 46% ABV

• Glen Scotia 1st Fill Bourbon 2015 - 60.5% ABV

• Glen Scotia Refill/1st Fill Bourbon 1999 - 59% ABV

• Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Oloroso 2002- 58.7% ABV

• Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Ruby Port 2002- 53.8% ABV

Grab a glass, enjoy, and don’t forget to visit the rest of the festival from June 7th!!



To watch last years 2020 Dunnage Tasting video please click the link below!

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