Glen Scotia Grand Tour - Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th March 2018 - Glen Scotia Distillery, Campbeltown

Glen Scotia Grand Tour – Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th March 2018

Tuesday 27th February 2018

This March, the Glen Scotia Grand Tour will visit London’s Borough Market. This hour-long sampling experience, will transport you to the southern end of the Mull of Kintyre to Campbeltown, an isolated, distinctive place where you’ll discover the Glen Scotia Distillery.

During the Victorian age, Campbeltown was known as the whisky capital of the world, with over 50 illicit stills covering the entire peninsula. Glen Scotia is now one of only three distilleries that have maintained production in Campbeltown since the 1830’s. The whisky produced here is special – so much so that it’s classified as a separate region, quite apart from the popular Highland, Speyside, Lowland and Islay whiskies.

During the event, you’ll enjoy cocktails and canapes in the Distillery manager’s office and experience a unique tasting in the atmospheric Dunnage warehouse. Our distillery manager, Iain McAlister, who hails from Campbeltown, will guide you through the range of historic malts.

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