Single Grain Scotch Whisky

70cl | 46% ABV

Loch Lomond Single Grain scotch whisky is carefully distilled using only the finest malted barley. Distilled in a continuous still, this single grain is elegant and full-bodied with a distinctive background character of soft fruits and creamy vanilla with hints of lemon zest.

This inimitable single grain spirit from the Loch Lomond distillery has grabbed the attention of whisky lovers in Scotland and beyond, winning several prestigious international awards along the way. 


This unique unpeated scotch whisky from Loch Lomond is one of only two single grains in the distillery's otherwise single malt collection — and it is a single grain like no other! Made from 100% malted barley, the methodology follows the single grain tradition of distilling in column stills instead of pot stills.

After this distillation process, it matures in the finest American oak casks before being bottled with pride at the Loch Lomond distillery in the Highlands.



Fresh barley with a malty edge. A biscuity aroma from baked apples with a hint of lemon peel.


Crisp and fine. Pineapple juice and intense lemon zest with creamy vanilla for sweetness to finish.


Gentle with fresh fruit and juicy sweetness.


Each sip is an exceptionally smooth tasting experience with a deliciously fruity flavour — a light dram sure to be enjoyed by any whisky enthusiast.


Award-Winning Single Grain Whisky

The Loch Lomond distillery has won multiple awards for its whiskies, both single malts and single grains.

The unpeated single grain whisky joins these premium spirits with the following awards:

Gold Winner — The Berlin INTL Competition 2017

Best Scotch Grain — The 2017 World Whisky Awards

Double Gold Medal — The San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2021

A Unique Pair of Single Grain Scotch Whisky from Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond has employed an incredibly stylish approach to whisky-making to produce two innovative grain spirits for its single grain range.

Single grain whiskies can be made from several different grains, typically wheat, rye, corn, or barley. What sets the Loch Lomond single grains apart from the rest is that it is made exclusively from 100% malted barley — a rare choice indeed.

While single grain expressions are often used to create blended scotch whiskies, the single grains from Loch Lomond are best as they are — an easy-drinking offering that will excite a broad range of palates.

The pair of single grain whiskies in Loch Lomond's collection shines a light on the difference that peat can bring to a premium scotch whisky.

Premium Peated & Unpeated Expressions

The difference between the two single grain whiskies in the Loch Lomond range is that one is unpeated while the other is made exclusively with peated barley.

The two Loch Lomond grain whisky expressions mature in a combination of high-quality first-fill and re-fill American Oak ex-bourbon casks. Master Blender Michael Henry's keen supervision ensures that the perfect balance of flavour and harmony is achieved.

The bourbon casks used for the ageing of these unique whiskies give both expressions a light and delicate flavour profile of creamy vanilla and crisp green apple along with an added complexity not usually found in single grain scotches.

The peated edition builds on this further by complementing its soft fruity character with distinctive wisps of lemon zest and vanilla.

Explore Loch Lomond's Distinctive Single Grains

If you're looking for single grain whiskies built on sound expertise and skill, Loch Lomond has your new favourite dram — perfect for enjoying as a solo aperitif on a quiet evening or shared with friends and family while making memories.

This unique scotch whisky will leave a lasting impression long after the aftertaste of your dram has faded.

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