Whisky Gift Sets

Glen Scotia's full range of whisky gift sets offer the perfect present for the whisky lovers in your life. For everyone from the amateur whisky fan to the connoisseur, our gift set collection holds the answer on how to make those special occasions even more special.

There’s a Glen Scotia gift set for every special occasion

When selecting the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life, a whisky gift set is a perfect choice. Our collection has tailored sets to suit the casual whisky fan or the single malt connoisseur. 

Our attention to detail and traditional distilling techniqueswill be front of mind from their first sip to their last. Be it with a special presentation box, bespoke dram glass or a set of tasting notes included - there are many ways to give whisky gifts from Glen Scotia to your loved ones. 

Real whisky tells a story

From still to bottle, each drop of whisky has a story to share with its drinker. Made to be enjoyed with friends or to round off evenings spent in great company, our traditional single malts are different in form but share a rich heritage and passion for Scottish whisky making. Make each occasion that little more sophisticated by gifting the legacy of great whisky and enjoy the flavours that come from generations of refined technique and world-renowned Scottish ingredients. 

Whisky Tasting Sets

Dive deep into the world of whisky with our curated whisky tasting gift sets, designed especially to showcase the unparalleled flavors of Campbeltown. Each bottle and set captures the essence of this historic whisky region, making it a perfect whisky miniatures gift set for enthusiasts or a delightful introduction for those new to the realm of single malts whisky By choosing a Campbeltown-inspired tasting set, you're not just gifting a scotch but a journey through one of Scotland's most esteemed whisky landscapes. Elevate your tasting experience and connect with Campbeltown's rich heritage with every sip.

Whisky Miniatures Gift Sets

Embark on a journey through the heart of Campbeltown's single malt whisky heritage with our exquisite whisky miniatures gift sets. Perfect for connoisseurs and newcomers alike, these whisky gift sets offer a glimpse into Campbeltown's distinctive flavour profiles. Whether as a cherished whisky gift or a personal tasting adventure, they capture the spirit of this legendary whisky region.

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