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Bookings can be made via the links below or for larger groups please email shop@glenscotia.com or call us on 01586 552288.

Due to planned works at the distillery, there will likely be some changes to our regular tour schedule from August 2024 - see more info below.

Whisky Distillery Tour

1 Hour | £12 PER PERSON

Available Monday - Friday 11am or 2pm.
PLEASE NOTE: Our regular Distillery Tours will be unavailable from August 2024 until early 2025. Please book the Warehouse Journey below for an in-depth tour of our warehouses.

There may be over 130 distilleries in Scotland, but the enduring charm of the Glen Scotia whisky distillery makes it a must-visit if you want to explore the past, present and future of whisky in Scotland.

Join us on a tour of our working distillerywith one of our knowledgeable staff to discover more about Glen Scotia's role in the history of whisky, what our behind-the-scenes process looks like, and what really goes into distilling this special single malt scotch whisky.

Round it all off with a complimentary dram of our Double Cask single malt whisky to experience a small taste of the award-winning flavour profile found in our distinctive whiskies.

The Warehouse Journey

45 Mins | £12 PER PERSON

Available from August 2024
Mon to Fri - 11am or 2pm

Explore Glen Scotia’s unique maturation process across our three special warehouses – palletised, racked, and Dunnage. Sample our New Make Spirit before it matures in casks and learn about its transformation into our acclaimed Glen Scotia Single Malt. Discover the array of casks influencing our unique distillery character, and end your journey with a specially selected dram.

This experience will replace the tour section of the Dunnage Warehouse Experience from August to October.

Dunnage warehouse experience


Available April - October
Monday - Friday | 2pm.

Our distillery tours offer an immersive whisky experience that takes you behind the scenes of our whisky-making process. During the tour, you'll be guided through our production facility, where you'll see how we carefully craft our whisky, from mashing and fermentation to distillation and maturation.

After the tour, you'll be treated to a five dram cask strength whisky tasting in our traditional Dunnage Warehouse. This unique venue is home to our special range of casks used to age and mature our spirits, and the tasting offers a rare opportunity to sample some of our most exceptional whiskies. With each sip, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and expertise that goes into every bottle of Glen Scotia whisky.



This is the ultimate Glen Scotia experience.

Join our Distillery Manager, Iain McAlister, on an in-depth and immersive distillers' experience.

This guided tour around our working distillery grounds gives you a chance to discover and explore everything about the production of our whiskies from the Master himself. Afterwards, enjoy the unique opportunity to sample five whiskies drawn straight from hand-selected casks in our Dunnage Warehouse.

*Please note: Due to planned works at the distillery in 2024, some dates will run as tasting only and be offered at a reduced rate. More details on booking page.


Whisky Heritage Walking Tour

1.5 to 2 HOURS | £25 PER PERSON

Available April - October
Thursday 10am

Step back in time and explore the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World with Glen Scotia. Join us on an informative walking tour through Campbeltown to discover the rich history of our whisky region. Accompanied by our guide, delve into the stories of the lost distilleries and the extraordinary individuals who paved the way for Campbeltown's enduring whisky tradition.

Glen Scotia Distillery
12 High Street, Campbeltown
PA28 6DS, Scotland
+44 (0) 1586 552 288

Glen Scotia Distillery
12 High Street, Campbeltown
PA28 6DS, Scotland
+44 (0) 1586 552 288

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