Whisky Miniatures

Discover the distinct flavours of Campbeltown with Glen Scotia whisky miniatures. Hailing from one of Scotland's most historic whisky regions, these miniatures perfectly encapsulate the rich heritage and unique taste profiles that Glen Scotia is renowned for. Every sip transports you to the rugged coastlines and traditional distilling methods of Campbeltown, reflecting the town's time-honoured dedication to whisky craftsmanship ...

For both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and curious newcomers, Glen Scotia's Campbeltown miniatures serve as the ideal introduction or reacquaintance with this legendary whisky region. Beyond just a tasting experience, they offer a journey through Scotland's illustrious whisky narrative, ensuring each miniature is more than a drink, but a story waiting to be explored.


Embark on a captivating journey through whisky with our handpicked tasting gift sets, meticulously curated to highlight the distinctive flavours of Campbeltown. Every bottle and set embodies the soul of this iconic whisky heartland, rendering it an ideal whisky miniatures gift for aficionados and a captivating gateway for those venturing into the world of single malts. In selecting a Campbeltown-centric tasting set, you're offering more than just a scotch – you're presenting an odyssey through one of Scotland's most revered whisky territories. Enhance your sensory exploration and immerse yourself in Campbeltown's illustrious past with each savoured note.


Venture into the core of Campbeltown's renowned single malt whisky legacy with our exceptional whisky miniatures gift sets. Ideal for both seasoned aficionados and novices, these curated sets provide a window into the unique taste profiles intrinsic to Campbeltown. Serving as a treasured whisky gesture or a personal exploration of flavours, these sets encapsulate the essence of this illustrious whisky territory.

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