750ML • 46% ABV

Double Cask Rum Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A sibling to our ever-popular Glen Scotia Double Cask Double Cask Rum Finish whisky is an exotic and mouth-watering dram for those not afraid to explore. 

The alternative finish in Guyanese demerara rum barrels gives an exotic and tropical mouthfeel. Matured in the finest American oak barrels, this rich and exotic whisky is filled with notes of cooked sugar, molasses and tropical fruits. 

Unavailable for Sale in the US



  • A different take on our ever-popular Glen Scotia Double Cask, our rum finish has been inspired by Campbeltown’s Victorian past as one of the most internationally connected ports, with trade routes which spanned the globe. Records as far back as 1815, before Glen Scotia’s founding, show casks of rum present and for sale in the local town.

    Double Cask Rum Finish is perhaps the perfect embodiment of the Campbeltown spirit, where very different personalities and styles come together in a perfect unity to create something exceptional. As a sibling release to our ever-popular Double Cask, our Rum Finish single malt whisky showcases an exotic, sweet and tropical twist on a classic.

  • Unavilable for sale in the United States

Tasting notes


Cooked sugar, maritime sea spray and tropical fruits.


Rich and exotic. Sweet notes of cooked sugar and molasses are balanced by tropical fruit notes of coconut, banana and sweet peach.


Warming spice and maritime notes linger.

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