Global Travel Retail Whisky

Discover Campbeltown scotch like no other with our exclusive global travel retail whisky collection. This single malt range is curated exclusively for travel retail and duty-free shopping.

Found exclusively in select airports around the world, our travel retail whiskies are a delight to scotch enthusiasts, offering exciting flavours and unique additions to their whisky collection.


Be Transported to Campbeltown, Old & New

You might be in the duty-free shopping section because you're travelling, but to truly be transported to a place and time like no other, all it takes is a dram of Glen Scotia.

While Campbeltown was once home to 30 whisky distilleries, Glen Scotia is one of only three that remain.

We ensure that the character of this almost-forgotten whisky region in Scotland is overflowing from each bottle of our single malt scotch, whether it be from our signature collection or our exclusive travel retail selection.

A Taste of the Glen Scotia Distillery

A taste of our travel retail exclusive whisky will certainly give you insight into what our historic distillery in Scotland represents.

Our rich history tells stories of the Campbeltown port brimming with boats ready to fill their hulls and decks with cask after cask of scotch whisky. This illustrious history is something that inspires every expression we create.

Our distillery still maintains much of its original features and equipment and we distil our malt whiskies using the traditional methods.

A unity of casks, from bourbon to Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherries, adds to the variety of our award-winning offerings, while our long-standing experience in the creation of elegant single malts can be tasted in every sip.

Our Exclusive Global Travel Retail Collection

Each single malt expression created for our travel retail exclusive collection can only be found at select duty free airport shops, making it a true collector's item for the scotch adventurist.

Our current malt selection in duty-free stores comprises the following travel retail exclusives.

Glen Scotia Vintage 1991

A travel retail release that stands above the rest, the limited edition Glen Scotia Vintage 1991 won a Masters medal at the Travel Retail Masters Awards 2020.

Hosted by the Spirits Business Magazine, these awards judge travel retail whiskies on a number of factors with a blind tasting to award the high scorers with a Silver, Gold or Masters medal.

Tasting Notes

Distilled in 1991 and matured in bourbon casks at our dunnage warehouse, a dram of this liquid gold promises a taste of the true Campbeltown character. Expect sea spray, vanilla and toffee flavours accompanied by a rich and velvety mouthfeel and a gently spiced finish with just the right amount of sweetness.

Glen Scotia Victoriana Global Travel Edition

A tribute to the Victorian age when Campbeltown was known as the Whisky Capital of the World, this travel retail release of one of our bestsellers comes in our signature green bottle with a unique collector's box to make the memory of your trip extra special.

Another award-winning scotch from our collection, the Glen Scotia Victoriana has won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020, the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters 2020, and the International Spirits Challenge 2020.

Tasting Notes

Bottled at cask strength, naturally coloured and without chill filtration, the no-age-statement Victoriana authentically embodies the whisky of its namesake era.

Hints of peat are present from the deeply charred oak cask, while the fruity aromas are complemented perfectly by a blend of jammy and sugary sweetness, dark chocolate, spice, and polished oak.

Glen Scotia 16 Year Old

An uncommon age for a scotch, the Glen Scotia 16 Year Old travel retail exclusive whisky offers a wonderfully complex dram that might have you wanting to travel again sooner than expected.

Tasting Notes

Matured for 16 years in bourbon and American oak barrels, our signature maritime character of vanilla oak and toffee with salty sea spray shine through in this smooth malt. The complexity is brought in with a delicate touch of peat, subtle orange fruit flavours, and a mix of nutty, spicy and floral elements.

Glen Scotia Campbeltown 1832

As one of the first single malts to be released in our travel retail collection, the exclusive Campbeltown 1832 was created to honour the beginnings of our distillery and reflect our age-old traditions and our resilience as one of the last standing Campbeltown distilleries.

Since 1832, Glen Scotia has been shaped not only by the people, time and events, but by the history of Campbeltown itself.

All of that experience, craft and passion has been poured into this bottle.

Tasting Notes

This special malt was matured in a fine American oak cask and finished in the inimitable Pedro Ximénez cask. An added peat flavour mingles well with the dried fruit sweetness of the sherry cask to bring a beautifully rounded finish.

Included in the easy-drinking flavour profile of this dram is our house style's salty sea breeze and vanilla on the nose, a spiced cinnamon apple on the palate, and well-balanced smoky dried fruits on the finish.

Discover the Flavours of the Whiskiest Place in the World

Of all of the regions of Scotland, the whiskies of Campbeltown offer something truly different. It could be that the difference is in the sea spray tones from our unique climate, or in the fruit and spice brought in from our rich cask selection.

But it could also be so much more than that. Perhaps it is in the enduring charm of a town that refused to give up, that the taste and aromas of passion and grit emerge long before you taste the contents of the bottle.

At Glen Scotia, we blend our past and present to create something to be cherished well into the future. That's why, when you pour a dram of Glen Scotia, it's so much more than the whisky in the glass.

If you're not planning on travelling any time soon but want to experience a new and exciting malt, have a look at our seasonal releases and festival editions.

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Each travel retail whisky is released only for airport duty-free stores. You may find a new love for airports as you set out to discover our whisky travel exclusive collection.

While most adventurers don't need much of a push to head out and explore new countries, adding a bespoke travel exclusive whisky to your scotch collection might be the nudge you need to head out and explore.

Find our exclusive limited-edition single malt whiskies on your next adventure — you will want to save some space in your suitcase for these.

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