Whisky Gift Sets

Glen Scotia's whisky gift sets offer the perfect present for the whisky lovers in your life. For everyone from the amateur whisky fan to the connoisseur, our gift set collection holds the answer on how to make those special occasions even more special.

Our whisky gift packs are available in a range of whiskies and bottle sizes, and each set includes at least one signature single malt scotch whisky from the Glen Scotia distillery. Just like a dram of Glen Scotia is so much more than just whisky in a glass, our whisky gifts also represent so much more than just our distillery.


The Perfect Gift for Whisky Lovers

A good single malt always makes for a well-rounded gift, whether you're in search of the perfect Christmas gift or something special to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary.

A Glen Scotia gift box is filled with whisky that is made by history and presented with all the festivity and charm of a gift from the heart — the heart of Campbeltown to be precise.

Experience the Gift of Campbeltown

If the whisky lover in your life seeks out the stories of the malts they choose and wants to be inspired by the choices they make, then Glen Scotia is the whisky gift for them.

Our unique place in the Campbeltown region’s history makes our whiskies a great part of scotch whisky's origin story.

While Campbeltown once had almost 30 distilleries and was known as the 'Whisky Capital of the World', today the Glen Scotia distillery is one of only 3 distilleries left. We offer whisky lovers a gateway into experiencing an authentic Campbeltown malt whisky that can transport you back to the Victorian era.

For a gift set with a story filled with depth and character — enough to match its contents — Glen Scotia's selection of whisky gifts has what you need.

A Collection of Award-Winning Whisky Gift Sets

We have chosen a number of multi-award-winning whiskies from our range to create a whisky gift pack collection that every gift recipient will be happy to receive.

Giving someone a whisky gift set represents one of Scotland's hidden gems and introduces them to a Campbeltown distillery that is home to the 'Best Whisky in the World' for 2021.

Our Whisky Gift Set Range

Our single malt whisky sets are the perfect present whether you're wanting to treat a friend or sample the unique sweet maritime character of a Glen Scotia whisky yourself.

Our whisky collection is ever-expanding with new whiskies and limited edition whisky such as our Seasonal Releases and Festive Editions.

Browse our gift box collection to find the perfect whisky gift or read about our latest whisky releases

Whisky Miniatures (3 x 5cl)

If you could introduce your whisky lover friends to Glen Scotia and Campbeltown with only one gift box, this is it.

These whisky miniatures gift sets contain three 5cl bottles of our award-winning whisky. Each selection tells a different part of the story of Campbeltown scotch whisky.

The 15 Year Old single malt shows off classic Campbeltown flavours with vanilla oak, subtle sea spray, and aromatic fruit spice.

The Double Cask whisky takes this further with a special finishing period in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, giving the single malt a luxuriously spicy dried fruit character.

Finally, the Victoriana whisky transports the drinker to Campbeltown's finest era with a full-bodied dram packed with dark berry juiciness and lingering peat.

Dunnage Whisky Tasting Experience (5 x 25ml)

A truly unique experience, with truly unique whisky.

If a whisky gift set is more of an experience than a physical gift, the Dunnage Whisky Tasting Experience takes this idea to the next level.

With five 25ml bottles filled with five whiskies that have been personally selected by Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, from our dunnage warehouse. Each pack comes with a link to a tasting video, in which you are taken on a tasting experience by Iain. An experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home with friends and family.

15 Year Old Whisky (20cl)

There's no Christmas or birthday gift quite like a good 15 Year Old single malt.

This gift box presents a 20cl bottle of Glen Scotia 15 Year Old whisky that has been matured in the finest American oak barrels to show off the smooth juxtaposition of salinity, sweet spiced fruit, and vanilla oak in an irresistible single malt scotch.

A winner of gold awards in three spirit competitions since 2019, gifts that include this premium malt whisky are sure to impress.

Double Cask Whisky (20cl)

Our Double Cask is the firm favourite of Glen Scotia's Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, who gifts this dram to himself on Friday evenings.

The gift box contains a 20cl bottle of the Glen Scotia Double Cask.

A sure spoil, this flavourful whisky is matured in American bourbon casks before it is finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. This combines traditional Campbeltown methodology to create a salty-sweet fruit spiced malt to remember.

Double Cask Whisky & Glass Gift Set (20cl)

One dram of Glen Scotia is all it takes to ignite a passion for exploring the region that is Campbeltown.

This whisky and glass gift set with a 20cl bottle of the famous Glen Scotia Double Cask includes a special Glencairn glass that was created to enhance the tasting experience. The tapering mouth of the glass captures and focuses the aromas on the nose, while the unique shape and crystal body allows the colour and weight of the whisky to be admired as it should be.

With this branded carton gift box, presenting premium gifts to your friends and family has never been this stylish.

Double Cask & 15 Year Old Whisky Set (2 x 20cl)

This single malt whisky gift set is two gifts in one — giving your loved ones two unique whiskies as well as the opportunity to explore two different parts of Campbeltown tradition. This box set of two 20cl bottles makes choosing whisky gifts that much easier.

Each of these award-winning single malts gifts a part of Glen Scotia's style to the curious whisky enthusiast.

Whisky Gifts for Every Occasion

The perfect gift for any occasion, a Glen Scotia whisky gift set will pique the interest of every recipient with its authentic Campbeltown heritage and enduring charm.

Whether you're looking for a wedding gift, wedding anniversary gift, Christmas present, or something for a special occasion like birthdays or Father's Day, there is a whisky gift set from Glen Scotia for every whisky lover in your life.

Journey into Campbeltown's history, style, and character and shop for unique whisky gift sets in Scotland from Glen Scotia.

Browse our range of gift sets below to find the perfect present for the whisky enthusiast in your life!

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