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Dunnage Whisky Tasting Gift Set

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5 x 25ml | Various ABV

Our Dunnage Tasting gift set includes a tasting video from our Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, that lets you join us on a tasting journey through our Campbeltown single malts from the comfort of your own home!

For those who cannot visit Campbeltown, we are bringing a special tasting experience to you digitally. Sit back with this bespoke whisky set as lain takes you through five personally selected single malt whiskies from our historic dunnage warehouse collection. Grab a glass and enjoy!

Dunnage Whisky Tasting Experience

Our Master Distiller's Favourite

  • If you've ever wanted to explore the taste of Campbeltown, this collection of single malts from the Glen Scotia dunnage warehouse will transport you to our celebrated maritime town and into our beloved dunnage warehouse.

    In our specially recorded tasting video, our Master Distiller will take you through five personally selected single malt whiskies, with each dram offering a window into Glen Scotia’s whisky making history and Campbeltown’s Victorian whisky heyday.

    Which whiskies make up the Dunnage Whisky Tasting Set?

    In short, this whisky tasting set boasts a range of single malt whiskies, including whiskies that cannot be found anywhere else as they have been specially selected by Iain from our Dunnage Warehouse.

    Each tasting box includes 5 x 25ml Glen Scotia whiskies:

    • Glen Scotia Double Cask - 46% ABV
    • Glen Scotia 1st Fill Bourbon 2015 - 60.5% ABV
    • Glen Scotia Refill/1st Fill bourbon 1999 - 59% ABV
    • Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Oloroso 2002 - 58.7% ABV
    • Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon/1st Fill Ruby Port 2002 - 53.8% ABV
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Tasting notes

Glen Scotia Double Cask 0,025

Nose: Fruit, vanilla caramel, a hint of salinity, a wide range of oak spices
Taste Caramel, powdered sugar, oily and a touch of herbs,
Finish: Sherry tones

Glen Scotia 1st Fill Bourbon 2015 0,025 l

Nose: Juicy peaches, soft caramel with sea salt
Taste: Syrup, distinct tons of pears, vanilla, green apples
Finish: Medium long, lemon peel

Glen Scotia Refill / 1st Fill Bourbon 1999 0,025 l

Nose: Sweet, caramel, vanilla
Taste: strong, sweet, honey, caramel, citrus
Finish: sweet, barley sugar, fresh, warm

Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon / 1st Fill Oloroso 2002 0,025 l

Nose: Sherry, pepper, vanilla, fruit, smoke
Taste: Oak, pepper, peat smoke, sea salt, caramel
Finish: Warm, wood, pepper

Glen Scotia Refill Bourbon / 1st Fill Ruby Port 2002 0,025 l

Nose: smoke, liquorice, herbs
Taste: smoke, peat, grapes, salt, brown sugar
Finish spicy, strong, pepper, peat, mild tones of fruit

How do you taste whisky

Tasting Glen Scotia Whisky is a journey into the distinctive world of Campbeltown whisky. Nestled on the coast, Glen Scotia Whisky carries the essence of the sea and the richness of fruity notes, making each sip an extraordinary experience. To further enhance your appreciation, consider referring to official tasting notes or watching accompanying tasting videos that provide valuable insights.

When savouring Glen Scotia Whisky, opt for glassware that complements its complexity. Both tulip-shaped glasses, such as Glencairn glasses, and traditional Copita glasses are excellent choices. They capture the whisky's intricate aromas and elevate the tasting experience.

It is recommended to first taste Glen Scotia Whisky without adding water. Begin by observing the whisky's color and clarity, inhaling its aromas, and taking a small sip to experience its initial character. After this initial tasting, you can experiment by adding a few drops of room-temperature water to see how it transforms and opens the flavours.

Certainly, follow these steps: 1. Begin by observing the whisky's colour and clarity. 2. Inhale its aromas, both with and without gentle swirling. 3. Take a small, deliberate sip, letting it envelop your palate. 4. Analyse the flavours, mouthfeel, and the lingering finish. For a comprehensive experience, consider referring to official tasting notes or watching accompanying tasting videos.

Pay close attention to the whisky's harmonious blend of maritime, fruity, and spicy notes. Take note of the specific nuances that capture your senses and compare them with the tasting notes to deepen your appreciation.

Maintain a neutral palate by using water and unsalted crackers as cleansers. Avoid strong-flavoured foods or beverages that might interfere with the whisky's delicate nuances.

Glen Scotia Whisky complements seafood, cheeses, and chocolates exceptionally well. Delight in experimenting with different pairings to discover your preferred combination. Accompanying tasting videos may offer further guidance.

Embrace a respectful approach, savouring each sip at your own pace. Enjoy Glen Scotia Whisky responsibly and engage in thoughtful discussions with fellow whisky enthusiasts to share and celebrate your impressions of this fine spirit.

Tasting Video

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