Iain McAllister Master Distiller

Master Distiller

Distillery Manager / Master Distiller

Former engineer Iain McAlister has been our esteemed distillery manager for twelve years. Born and bred in Campbeltown, Iain is fiercely proud of the place, its people and its rich whisky heritage.

Iain is responsible for the smooth running of the distillery. He also keeps a close eye on the distillery’s stock, sampling different years, casks and finishes to maintain the highest standards of quality control.

Drawing on his background as an engineer, Iain has developed and enhanced production at Glen Scotia, whilst making sure to preserve the craftsmanship and traditional skills we value. After all, it’s these that continue to influence and shape Glen Scotia’s distinctive house style.

Iain’s favourite dram is the award-winning Glen Scotia Double Cask – which he especially enjoys on a Friday night, when winding down after a busy week.

Iain McAllister Master Distiller

“Glen Scotia distillery has played a huge part in my recent life. And as someone who is proud to have been born and bred in Campbeltown, the history of both the town and its whisky heritage continues to influence me. It ensures that I, along with the team, am focused on producing only the finest quality whisky, whilst giving all our visitors and guests a trip to remember – after all, it is the whiskiest place I know!”

Iain McAllister Master Distiller

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