Double Cask Single Malt Whisky

  • 70cl | 46% ABV

    Glen Scotia Double Cask whisky is a wonderfully easy-drinking Campbeltown Single Malt whisky with tastes of toffee, salted caramel and a sweet dry sherry finish.

    Aged in bourbon barrels before being finished in PX sherry casks, this expression provides the perfect balance of rich spicy fruits, sea spray and sweet vanilla oak.


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Award Winning Whisky

When it comes to whisky, double cask offers a robust flavour profile that makes it a truly sensational sipping experience. Matured in the finest first-fill American oak barrels before being finished for up to 12 months in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.

This outstanding single malt whisky provides the perfect balance of rich spicy fruits overlaid with the characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak finish for which the house of Glen Scotia is famous.

Tasting Notes


Very sweet. Initially, it is all creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar, toffee and fudge before some apple and peach come through. In time, a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness. Has some power.


Sweet start and quite fat. Though the alcohol gives a little tongue-tingling buzz, the result is a good mid-palate weight. The dry distillery character is still there, but there is now depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles the different elements but adds some dried mint.


Deep and dark, with gentle spice and lingering peat smoke.



Rich and spicy, this Double Cask scotch whisky boasts flavours from fudge to black pepper and so much more. It accomplishes fruity notes without overbearing citrus or peat, while its honey-smooth finish is synonymous with the body and viscosity Campbeltown is known for.

Enjoy sweet vanilla oak and a special piece of Scotland's history with our Double Cask. Let each sip transport you to Campbeltown past and present.

Double Cask Maturation

By using bourbon barrels for the initial maturation and finishing with Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, we merge American and European influences.

This leads to flavours of vanilla and green apple from the American barrels and an extra sherry-seasoned sweetness reminiscent of raisin from the finishing American oak and Spanish PX casks.

Letting the whisky age for a further 12 months in high-quality casks from an American and European region makes the spirit as smooth as a creamy butterscotch syrup while also adding to the taste in so many other tantalising ways.

Sherry Seasoned Oak

The use of the PX sherry cask, as opposed to an Oloroso sherry cask, allows us to take advantage of the unique style that this sherry brings to the table.

The Oloroso is known for caramel, walnut, and deep fruit notes, while the PX is famed for being incredibly sweet and boasting even darker flavours such as fudge, fig, raisin, and molasses.

The oak and sherry sweetness balanced perfectly to create a well-rounded flavour.

A Campbeltown Specialty

Campbeltown was the Whisky Capital of the World in the Victorian era, and today, it is a jewel in the crown of whiskies that are proudly made in Scotland.

It needs no explaining that the Double Cask is a firm favourite of our Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, who enjoys it, especially on a Friday night as he winds down after a busy week.

A Taste of History

Glen Scotia Double Cask is for those who value the authenticity of a historic town; for those with a curious mind and an explorer's heart; and for those who enjoy the camaraderie of a shared drink, as well as the discussion that follows.

As one of only a few remaining distilleries in Campbeltown, we have been shaped by people, time and events, and we believe our malts are part of a greater story.

They can certainly be a part of your story, too.

We've chosen a combination of the finest oak casks so that we can ensure tasting notes are unique to the Glen Scotia brand and make every sip a good one. So, if you are seeking out a scotch that brings with it an experience for you to discover and explore, you've come to the right place.

For an award-winning double cask whisky from the whiskiest place in the world, have a dram of the Glen Scotia Double Cask Single Malt.

A Message From Master Distiller, Iain McAllister

When you pour a dram of Glen Scotia, it’s more than just whisky in the glass.

At the Glen Scotia distillery, we pride ourselves on our process, which has been passed down over the years along with many of our original features and equipment.

Our small batch processing results in a fine selection of whiskies that thrived in the 1830s and continue to gain a growing following worldwide. But, while we follow in the footsteps of our founders by distilling whisky using traditional methods, we are carefully creating the unique Campbeltown maritime style for which we’ve become internationally recognised and won so many awards.

From our double cask whisky, to our limited edition festival whiskies, our distinctive level of quality and expertise offers every scotch enthusiast a window through time to traditional Campbeltown malts.

Without this, the story of the humble scotch is incomplete.

Double Cask Awards

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