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Small Batch Process

Using only malted barley sourced from the east of Scotland, the process of distilling Glen Scotia single malt Scotch whisky is known as small batch processing. The result is a fine selection of single malt whiskies that are gaining a new following worldwide.

The process known as ‘small batch process’ involves the malted barley first being placed in the Mash Tun where two consecutive waters are added over a period of 8 hours. The first water is added at 66 degrees and the second at 72 degrees.

The Wort, as it is known, is placed in the Washbacks at 22 degrees where yeast is added. The Wort remains in the Washbacks for upwards of 70 hours before being moved to the Wash Still for the initial distillation. The first stage distillation lasts for around 9 hours.

The liquid will be taken off from the Wash Still at around 20% ABV The second distillation in the Spirits Still starts around 20 minutes later when the foreshorts are taken off at 74% ABV and this runs down until 71% ABV. At this point we start to take off the pure spirit. This continues all the way down until the spirits reaches 63% ABV. The average spirit strength at this point is 69% ABV. A little water is added and the whisky enters the casks at 63.5% ABV, the casks are then delivered and laid down in the Dunnage warehouse to be aged by the magic of the wood and the unique Campbeltown weather.

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