Whisky Glasses & Drinking Accessories

Savour the true essence of your favourite drams with the renowned Glencairn and Copita whisky glasses. The uniquely crafted Glencairn glass, with its tulip shape, accentuates the delicate aromas of the spirit, capturing each note brilliantly. On the other hand, the Copita, with its elongated stem and bowl, is a traditional choice that allows for a refined nosing experience. Both glasses have earned accolades from experts and enthusiasts alike for their unmatched prowess in elevating the whisky tasting journey.


With a blend of comfort and subtle branding, our attire quietly echoes the understated elegance and rich heritage of one of Campbeltown’s finest whisky creators. Wear your Glen Scotia pride and bask in the rich legacy of the whisky capital of the world, all while enjoying the casual, wearable style that our range brings to your wardrobe. Simple, yet with a whisper of the luxurious and historic, Glen Scotia's clothing invites you to become a part of our story.

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