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Relax in our Victorian styled whisky shop while you discover the history of Glen Scotia and, of course, enjoy a range of our finest whiskies.

Our passionate whisky loving staff will give you details about each of the whiskies, along with the tasting notes.


45 MIN to 1 HOUR | £25 PER PERSON

This tasting is a great introduction to the Glen Scotia range.

Enjoy 4 of our core range whiskies.


45 MIN to 1 HOUR | £30 PER PERSON

This tasting provides you with a unique opportunity to explore limited release whiskies and special bottlings only found in the Glen Scotia distillery shop.

Enjoy a tasting of four cask strength drams.

A guided tour of the historic working Glen Scotia distillery makes a wonderful add-on to this specialist tasting, showing you a little bit of the process we use to create our signature and limited edition whiskies and how they differ.



Enjoy five drams taken from hand-selected sample casks in our Dunnage Warehouse. These whiskies are carefully chosen by our Master Distiller.

This unique guided tasting is carried out in our intimate shop tasting area, where the taste of our malts are perfectly complemented by its warm and cosy surroundings. 

Premium tasting

45 MIN to 1 HOUR | £50 PER PERSON

A unique offering to try 3 heavily aged Glen Scotia whiskies.

21 year old 46% (bottle RRP £265)
23 year old 58.7% (bottle RRP £300)
25 year old 48.8% (bottle RRP £550)

Enjoy a taste of luxury, with a range of Limited Core releases, Dunnage Warehouse Exclusive Single Casks, and our Double Platinum, Best in the World Single Malt!

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