We are delighted to partner with Scottish Artist Alice Angus, who is creating a series of artwork showcasing the distillery and its remarkable place in the historic and industrious community

Since January, Alice has spent days drawing in the distillery and around Campbeltown to absorb its essence and take inspiration for her final four artworks which will be unveiled at the Campbeltown Malts Festival 2022 in May.

The ‘Spirits Safe’ exhibition will focus on the spirit and atmosphere of our native home and artistically bring to life the knowledge, engineering and ingredients involved in the creation of the ‘golden spirit’ that matures in our warehouses. It will also uncover aspects of the heritage, people, landscape and wildlife of Campbeltown and celebrate the renaissance of the town on the international whisky-production map.

Like whisky production, Alice’s technique involves patience, time
and experimentation.
She uses pencil, watercolour and ink to draw from life, spending a long time observing her surroundings through sight, sound, smell and touch, often waiting for the right moment, drawing similarities with the time and craftsmanshiprequired in whisky-making. Some of her works are completed on-site directly from life and others are developed in the studio into larger-scale artworks.

With a keen curiosity in her natural surroundings, Alice Angus was educated at Glasgow School of Art, later relocating to London. However, she remains forever inspired by the country and splits her time between the two places. Her body of work includes works on paper, video, audio and textiles and ranges from large curatorial, collaborative projects to individual commissions, public artworks, community projects and research. She has undertaken residencies and projects in many places, urban and rural, from Lancaster to the Canadian Arctic.


Over the coming months we will be producing a small batch of limited-edition bottles with Alice’s artwork printed as a lasting commemoration of the event and partnership. Liquid information and a date for release will be announced very soon.

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