18 Year Old Whisky with Engraved Personal Message

70cl | 46% ABV

18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Glen Scotia 18 Year old is an elegant and rich Campbeltown single malt whisky, matured in refill bourbon casks or refill American oak hogshead, which a 12 month finish in first-fill oloroso casks.

The result is an incredibly smooth whisky with thick sweet toffee and gentle spice, which is balanced out with crisp coastal notes and hints of sea spray. 

Tasting Notes:


Aromas of sea salt, caramel and gentle floral notes. 


A full-bodied whisky with an elegant and rich palate. Chewy toffee, dark fruits and toasted pineapple are met with gentle warming spice.  


Long finish with milk chocolate and gentle spice.

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