70cl • 41.7% ABV

46 Year Old Whisky

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This exceptional spirit was originally laid down in refill bourbon casks and was then left to be gently matured by time, patience, and the unique Campbeltown climate. In 2011 the liquid was carefully re-casked into first fill bourbon and allowed a further six years to rest and develop. Finally, the liquid was recasked into a single first fill oloroso hogshead for a final four years, before being non-chill filtered and bottled at its natural strength of 41.7%.

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The final casks of a bygone era

  • By 1974 Campbeltown's whisky-making empire had fallen and most of its local distilleries had closed and passed into memory. Those few that remained were adapting for a new world, and Glen Scotia was understanding a four-year program of investments and renovations that spelled opportunity for the town and would have brought with it a great sense of optimism. But for the distillery manager, Mike Smith and his team, these final years and casks would also have marked the close of a very special chapter of history.

    It was a chapter defined by tradition, care, and craftmanship - an old way of doing things - which was handed down to Mike by his father during his own appointment as Glen Scotia's Distillery Manager. Today's Glen Scotia's current Distillery Manager & Master Distiller, Iain McAlister, has picked up the mantle of caring for these cherished casks of exceptional character, and ensuring the final result is outstanding.

    An exceptional edition to any collection

    The Glen Scotia 46-year-old is presented in a handmade and sustainably sourced oak display case. An oak tile resting beneath the bottle holds a plaque with the individual bottle number, tasting notes, and story of this incredible single malt whisky. In partnership with Glencairn, each bottle has been tastefully etched and infilled; a gold metallic coin bares the traditional Glen Scotia knot; and finally, a heavy metal stopper completes its exceptional presentation.

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Tasting notes


Rich dried fruit and citrus peel, sweet thick toffee balanced with bracing ocean sea spray and fresh vanilla


Velvet mouthfeel with layers of melted brown sugar and golden caramel, baked apple, and poached pear in vanilla syrup with orange citrus notes


Long maritime finish with sea salt and waves of warming cinnamon and nutmeg spice

“More than just age, it is a time capsule that tells you about how Campbeltown and Glen Scotia have changed over the years. ”

Dave Broom
Whisky Writer

Uncovering the past...

To mark this special release, Glen Scotia’s Distillery Manager, Iain McAlister invited whisky writer and friend, Dave Broom to the distillery for the first tasting of the Glen Scotia 46-year-old. Together over a dram, the two explored its incredible history and provenance.

"While now we recognise the magic of this 46-year-old liquid, gifted to us by Mike and his team, it was likely laid down to be used when young. It is intriguing then to think that it was nominated to be kept back time and time again by various hands, passing through the care of 46 years’ worth of different master distillers.

More than just age, it is a time capsule that tells you about how Campbeltown and Glen Scotia have changed over the years. The whisky has the tropical fruit funkiness which only comes from long ageing in refill bourbon, filled with those Glen Scotia oils and salinity. The subtle, sweet, toffee elements mid-palate, reflect the change in direction when mature, elegant single malts were desired, while the rich sultana like fruit harks back to the late 19th and early 20th century when sherry casks were the preferred choice for Campbeltown’s whiskies.

Whisky is about understanding and managing change. This dram speaks to the past, but also to the future, and the respect which today’s custodians of Glen Scotia have for the whiskies in their care. "

DAVE BROOM, Whisky Writer

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