Campbeltown Malts Festival Edition 2023

Our annual limited edition Festival Single Malt Scotch whisky bottlings are intriguing, bold, and appeal to those looking to be wonderfully surprised. Sign up below to be the first to know about our 2023 edition. 

Award Winning Whisky

Glen Scotia is putting Campbeltown firmly back on the map. Our award winning whiskies are rekindling the interests of whisky explorers and connoisseurs. We’re witnessing a renaissance in Campbeltown, and this very special bottling is a toast to the community and fans that have helped us prevail through the years 


- Vanilla, exotic fruits, malt, oak, touch of char

- Sweet heather honey, butterscotch, a little apple, pear, seaborne salinity

Finish -A long and classic Glen Scotia sign off - sea breeze, a touch of salt

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